Bill Galvano

Republican | District 21

Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Vote Record

Votes Consistent with ACLU Position: 1

Number of Votes Scored: 3

Percentage of votes for civil rights and civil liberties values: 33.33%

Criminal Justice Reform

Bill: SB 1392 - Encouraging Adult Civil Citations and Requiring Data Collection (2018)

ACLU Position: YES

Senators Vote: YES*

LGBT Rights

Bill: SB 66 - Prohibiting LGBT Discrimination (2018)

ACLU Position: YES

Senators Vote: N/A


Bill: SB 120 - Increasing Penalties for Undocumented Immigrants (2017)

ACLU Position: NO
Senators Vote: N/A

Free Speech

Bill: SB 1234^^ - Chilling Speech and Protests on College Campuses (2018)

ACLU Position: NO

Senators Vote: YES

Church & State

Bill: SB 436/HB 303 - Religious Proselytizing and Teaching in Schools (2017)

ACLU Position: NO

Senators Vote: YES


Key& Notes                

* indicates sponsor/co-sponsor of bill
^ Sen. Berman served in the House in 2017 and 2018, was elected to Senate District 31 in a special general election on April 10, 2018 and will serve in the Senate in 2018-2019. As a House member, she voted with ACLU 100% of the time, see scorecard for House votes.
^^ SB 1234 = Passed 1 Senate committee, voted down in second Committee but then temporarily postponed; ultimately inserted into comprehensive education package bill (SB 4) which was passed by the House and Senate. The scorecard vote reflects the first and second committee votes.